Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to my new money saving blog!

When I started using Facebook I loved finding different ways to save myself, my family & my friends money. I have added multiple stores & restaurants to my Facebook page as well as some other local bloggers who have been a great inspiration to me. Some of my Facebook friends were not overjoyed with the number of money saving offers I have posted so I decided it would be best if I created a new page dedicated to helping people save money. That way no one is bothered by all the offers I post & anyone who is interested will be satisfied. It's a win-win.

That being said. Welcome to my new blog which I will some day (soon hopefully) figure out how to link directly to my Facebook page AZ Money Savin' Mama.

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck. 

Please leave me a comment so I know you stopped by 
& don't hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions too.

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