Saturday, September 18, 2010

TARGET 75% off school supplies

Today I was at the Target inside Tempe Marketplace & took a few pics of their 75% off school supplies clearance section. 

*NOTE - To see a larger view of the pictures please click on them then click on hte back browser arrow to return to this screen or right click on the picture then choose "open in a new tab".

They had lots of cute folders marked down to .24

 Lunch boxes including Iron Man 2, orange & brown plaid, brown & pink plaid or solid blue with water detachable bottle holders for $3.24 OR Tinkerbell, Shrek or Iron Man 2 for $2.24:

They had 3 ring binders, including the ones with zippers & 2 sets of 3 rings so you can add stuff to the inside.  They are called Locker Binders which were between $1.75 & $4.48 depending on the size:

They also had stretchable book covers, pencil cases, zippered pencil boxes, rulers & locker crates all 75% off:

The sign says 30% off but they are 75% off

Last pic:
This area is in the back of the store near the Halloween supplies. 

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck.

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  1. Yeah the Oro Valley store had it marked down (although not all signed) yesterday, unfortunately they had slim pickings. I did get one of the cute elephane arctic zone lunch bags for $3.24 and it had the $4.96 parenting subscription or rebate card in it!! I love money makers!! :-)