Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fry's Coupon Policy

I did a search for Fry's coupon policy & found this:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting Fry’s Food and Drug Store regarding the Coupon Policy for stores in your area. Our stores will accept Manufacturer Coupons, Internet Manufacturer “cents of”" Coupons, Internet “Dollar Off” Coupons, Fry’s In-Store Coupons, Fry’s Catalina Coupons, and Competitor Pharmacy Coupons only.Fry’s will double manufacturer coupons only. In-Store coupons are always taken at face value.Fry’s will double ‘cents of” manufacturer coupons up to $1.00 in value. 

  • All coupons that are over $1.00, FREE, or state ‘Do Not Double’ are redeemed at face value.
  • A limit of three of the same coupons for the like items will be doubled. Any additional coupons for the same items will be redeemed at face value.
  • There is generally no limit on manufacturer FREE coupons however stores can limit the free coupons in order to ensure product availability for our customers.
  • The coupon refund may not exceed the price of the item including VIP discount.
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmacy coupons are accepted at face value only.
We hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions regarding our coupon policy, please feel free to speak to store management. They will be glad to assist you.
Thanks again for writing.

Patricia Ann Robb
Consumer Affairs
Reference: 4840765

Here's the answer a different customer got:

She told me she was unable to send me a copy of Fry's coupon policy in writing because it changes frequently.

But, the basics are:

They will accept:
-Manufacturer Coupons
-Internet Printable Coupons for cents or dollars off
-Fry's In Store Coupons
-Fry's Catalina Coupons
-Competitor Coupons for Rx Only
-Current Coupons-Must expire on or after the date

They will NOT accept:
-Internet Printable Coupons for free product
-Drug Store Coupons
-Competitor Store Coupons
-Expired Coupons

VIP card must be scanned before coupons can be scanned.

All coupons must be scanned by cashier. If they are not scannable, the code needs to be entered.

Will double up to 3 like coupons.

If you have more than 3 coupons, it is up to the managers discression of whether or not they will be accepted. (She said this was to make sure that the products are not wiped out, and so that everyone has the ability to obtain the product)

If you are allowed to use more than 3 like coupons, they will be taken as face value (not doubled)

If your coupon exceeds the amount of the product, you will be given the amount of the product, not the amount of the coupon.
Example: Candy are $0.99. I have a coupon for $1.00 off. They will only take $0.99 off.

The above information was before they began accepting competitor coupons & before they started taking all manufacture coupons at $1.00 (double/triple up to $1).

When using competitor coupons, all limits and restrictions will apply. Therefore, if the coupon says limit 2, limit is 2 - if coupon says "can't be combined with any other coupon" then that still applies at Fry's.

Fry's will accept store competitor coupons from: Albertsons, Safeway, Bashas, Fresh & Easy, Walmart, Sunflower, Sprouts, Whole Foods, AJ's, Trader Joes, Food City, Ranch Market, and Target. 
*Target is the newest store so some employees may not be aware of this change.

As of 9/8/2010 here is the Fry's coupon policy:
Fry's VIP Customer Loyalty called my AZ blogger friend Cents'Able Shoppin! he said:

  • All limits and restrictions apply regarding competitor coupons. The Fresh & Easy coupon does not state that the coupon comes off after manufacturer coupons, therefore, it will be taken off BEFORE your manufacturer coupons.   If, however, you use an Albertsons $10 off $100 - and it says "after coupons and all discounts", then that coupon will be after all coupons & discounts.
  • Regarding competitor coupons doubling? Competitor coupons are typically store coupons, and store coupons are not doubled.  Competitor coupons are taken at face value - if they are .75, they will be redeemed at .75.  All manufacturer coupons, however, will be taken at $1.
  • Does Fresh & Easy come off before competitor coupons? Fresh & Easy comes off before all other paper coupons - manufacturer and competitor. But after your Fry's VIP card is scanned.

So what is Fry's going to do to ensure that every store is on the same sheet of music?

Fry's in Arizona has sent out an email blast to all 18,000 store managers, front end managers, assistant managers, etc. regarding the use of competitor coupons. Unfortunately, not everyone was born to be an effective communicator.  With that being said, if you do encounter any sort of issue at the register, stop the cashier, and politely ask for the front end manager. If that manager is not up to speed on the standard, then take it higher - to the store manager. Stand your groundYOU have been informed of the policy, and Fry's wants you to know that they appreciate your loyalty.  If that store manager seems misinformed, then you have two options.  You can contact Fry's telephonically at 623-936-2100 (Customer Loyalty Department)  OR, you can email them at Frys (dot) VIP (dot) department (at) FrysFood (dot) com. The Customer Loyalty staff are supplied with Blackberies, and can answer your concern at a moments notice.

If you continue with your order, and the cashier still won't take the coupon off as requested, get the name of the cashier and/or manager, and contact Fry's Corporate Office.  Not only will they reimburse you for that mishap by crediting you for the coupon(s), they will contact that manager/cashier to re-communicate the intent of this promotion.


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