MOVIES - Theatre Price Comparison & Reward Program Info.

This is a compilation of movie theater ticket prices for 5 full price movie theaters in the Valley of the Sun: Cinemark, Harkins, AMC, Gilbert Stadium Cinemas, Ultra Star Cinemas & 2 discount theatres: The Picture Show at Superstition Springs Mall & Tempe Pollack Cinemas. *NEW* I have updated this page to include all 6 IMAX theatres located within 50 miles of Tempe.
I also have prices & information on the Scottsdale 6 & Century Glendale 9 drive-in theatres which are owned by West Wind Theatres. 

I hope it is just about everything you wanted to know about the theatres & movie prices and then some!

If you have any suggestions or there are any other theatres in the Valley of the Sun that I have missed please contact me via my Facebook page here.


Click to visit their website HERE
1051 N Dobson Rd
Mesa, AZ 85201-7574
(480) 733-2843

Adult Evening $9.25
Adult Fri/Sat after 6pm (*Price also applies to Special Advance Showings) $9.50
Child (1-11) /Senior (62+) $5.50
Adult Matinee before 6pm $7.00
Special Discounts:
Early Bird 1st Matinee Showtime (7 days a week).  
Note: Check below for multiple listings of a movie (i.e. DLP, Digital, Regular, 3D, etc.) to find first showtime. $5.75
Seniors Day – All Day
Monday – any movie, any showtime $5.75
Student (with valid ID) $7.50
Military (Active Duty with valid ID) $7.50
3D Attraction - Normal Ticket Price Plus Premium $3.00

No Children Under Age 6 Will Be Admitted To Any R-Rated Feature After 6:00 PM.
Concession Note: 
$1.00 cup refills when you bring in your current year HARKINS Loyalty Cup.

Click to visit their website HERE
Child Tickets: 3-13 years old.
Senior Tickets: 60 years & older.
Students must have valid ID.
Fri. & Sat after 6pm:         Matinee (before 6pm):            Sun. - Thurs. after 6pm:    
  $9.50                      Senior $6.50                              Senior   $6.50
     $8.50                      Child   $5.50                             Child      $5.50
   $12.50                      Adult  $7.00                              Adult     $9.50
Student $7.00                                                                       Student  $7.00

BIRTHDAY - FREE popcorn on your birthday, with valid ID @ box office with ticket purchase.
Concession Note: 
FREE Medium popcorn with each purchase of a $25 gift card at box office.  You can upgrade the medium popcorn to a large for $1 or an extra large for $1.75.
Loyalty Cup is $4.75 - $1.00 refill every time you bring it back during that year.
Loyalty T-shirt is $25 - wear or show your shirt every visit for a free medium popcorn (upgrade to large for $1).

Click to visit their website HERE
Child Tickets: 2-12 years old.
There is no special pricing for Students or Seniors.

Fri. -  Sun. after Noon                      Mon. - Thurs. before 4pm
& Mon. - Thurs. after 4pm:            & Fri. - Sun. before Noon:    
Adult  $10.50                                     Adult   $5.00                               
    $8.00                                     Child   $5.00                                
                                  3D FILMS - ADD $3.00 PER TICKET
No Children Under Age 6 Will Be Admitted To Any R-Rated Feature After 6:00 PM.

Concession Note:

*Note:  AMC has discontinued their MovieWatcher program & replaced it with a new program called Stubs.  Some MovieWatcher cardholders have received a coupon in the mail that allows them to purchase a one year membership at 1/2 price which is only $6.  Others have received FREE Stubs cards & have been automatically enrolled in the new program without any fees.  Since this is a brand new program I have not yet used it but I have read the promotional information which I will relay to you.

AMC has an on-line site dedicated to their Stubs program HERE

First thing to remember is to NOT throw away your Movie Watcher card until you've signed up for the Stubs program on-line.  I was lucky enough to receive 2 free cards in the mail so I almost threw away my card but then I found out when you register on-line you'll need to provide them with your Movie Watcher card #.  Registering on-line allows you to get e-mail or mobile phone updates on your account status & rewards.  Once you enter your information you will have to verify your e-mail account then you'll be ready to earn your rewards with the new Stubs program.

What rewards you ask?  Well here they are:
  • $10 AMC Stubs Reward for every $100 you spend on movie tickets AND concessions
  • Free upgrades on concessions anyday, anytime (that means that you can buy a medium & get a large which includes free refills)
  • Online ticket purchase fees waived
  • Access to your personal on-line ticket stub collection
*Excludes: When an AMC Stubs card is presented in conjuction with a FREE admission ticket; gift cards are purchased online, at a third party or an AMC Theatres location; Gold and Silver Experience Tickets; auditorium or theatre rentals; purchases made at AMC Theatres' page; purchases made at any sublet space within an AMC Theatres location; or redemption of remaining AMC Stubs rewards.
**Rewards can be redeemed in theatre only.

You might be asking yourself why you should spend $6 (if you get the coupon) or $12 (if you don't get the coupon) to enroll in Stubs.  That's what my husband & I discussed before we got our free cards in the mail.  In my opinion, the reason Stubs is better than the discontinued (free) Movie Watcher program is because you earn rewards on concessions as well as movie tickets.  Instead of getting .50 off something you may or may not want to buy, you get a FREE upgrade to EVERY soda & drink purchases.  In my opinion that is better than .50 off Sour Patch Kids or something that I would never buy.  Also, instead of getting a specific reward you can use your reward towards tickets, concessions, gift cards or even your membership renewal fee.  Plus, did you know that with the Movie Watcher program you only got credited for 2 tickets even if you bought 3 or more?  I found that out a little while ago so my husband & I started buying tickets separately when we took our kids.  Lastly, and this will be more important for some than others, there is less paper wasted.  You know, each time you purchased a ticket you got a little stub with a coupon.  Whether you used the coupon or not the paper & ink was used to print the coupon.  With Stubs everything is accessed through your membership card so it is better for the environment.  

So, don't forget to keep your AMC Stubs card with you & present it each time you purchase something at AMC to start earning your rewards!


Visit their website HERE 
The Scottsdale location opened 11/17/2010 
UltraLux Theatre:
9090 East Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250-8502
Movie Line: (480) 278-7324
Guest Service: (480) 302-6055
Ultra Star Surprise Pointe 14
3649 N. Litchfield Rd.
Surprise, AZ  85374
Movie Line: (623) 584-3838
Guest Service: (623) 584-3880
Since I just found out about this theatre I spoke to guest service representatives at both the Scottsdale & Surprise locations this morning to get information on their theatres & ticket prices.  I was very happy with the customer service agents who provided me with a lot of information & I am looking forward to checking it out soon because they have services that no other theatre in the valley has.  Let me explain:
Kid Toons - A cartoon like Barbie or Thomas the Tank Engine will be shown every Saturday & Sunday morning at 10am.  Admission is $2.50 
Parent Movie Morning - Every Wednesday at 10am ONE movie will be shown for parents to bring their toddlers without worrying about disturbing other theatre-goers.  This theatre also has a changing table.  For example, this week the movie is Limitless.
D-BOX enhanced motion chair technology
Star Class Auditorium Seating - No one under 21 allowed!...yep not even with a parent.  Plus you get served by waiters for only an additional $2.00 per ticket!  *Note: I read quite  a few Yelp Reviews & one gentleman was upset by the distraction & noise of the waitstaff during the movie.
Cafe - The cafe serves delicious food that you'd never be able to get at an AMC or Harkins including paninis, real nachos, and beer and wine. For those of you that like good beer its not just Bud Light or Coors Light. They have Four Peaks, Guineas, IPA, and Heineken just to name a few. For those who love the traditional movie snacks they have those too.
Beer & Wine - If you purchase a ticket to the 21+ Star Class theatre (an addition al $2 fee) then you can drink alcoholic beverages inside the theatre while watching the movie.  However, if you are going to be in a normal theatre you are not allowed to bring the alcohol into the theatre because there might be people under the legal drinking age in the theatre.  However, you can order beer & wine at the Cafe & drink them BEFORE your movie.

Leather Chairs - The theater offers stadium style seating with extremely comfortable leather chairs that recline. It's like watching a movie in your very own lazy-boy. *Note: I read quite  a few Yelp Reviews & one gentleman was perturbed by the noise of the leather (maybe because it was so new?).
Unique Seating - In the 21+ Star Class theatre each row has 3 seats -space- 4 seats -space- then 2 seats.  That way if you can have your own row in a group of 2, 3, or 4!  This could be tricky if you have a party of 5 or more but it is unique & you probably won't get stuck sitting elbow to elbow with someone you don't know which is great for most people. 
Special Events: Special Events link from time to time or sign up for their newsletter to stay up-to-date on cool stuff like:
FREE ADMISSION to Championship College Basketball LIVE on April 2nd and April 4th 2011 at UltraLuxe GardenWalk in Anaheim, Surprise Pointe, Lake Havasu and UltraLuxe Scottsdale Pavilions

*NOTE - With so many different amenities pay close attention to which movie & theatre-going experience you want as you are purchasing your tickets.
Matinee Adult (Until 4PM) - $7.50
Evening Adult - $9.75
Child (Ages 12 & under, ALL DAY) - $7.00
Seniors (55 and better, ALL DAY) - $7.00
Student/Military (with a valid ID) - $8.75
Early Bird (First matinee showing of each movie) - $5.50
Discount Tuesdays and Thursdays (Select movies as low as) - $5.50
3D Titles: *An addtl. $3.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all 3D movie engagements.
D-BOX Seats:*An addtl. $8.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all D-BOX seats
StarClass Auditorium Seating:*An addtl. $2.00 premium, per ticket, will be added to all StarClass Auditorium seats
Amenities include:
Pure Digital Cinema® powered by DLP Cinema® Technology
Deluxe high-back reclining chairs
11 auditoriums featuring stadium or luxury VIP seating
State-of-the-art Pure Digital 3D
D-BOX enhanced motion chair technology
Cinema CafĂ© offering an assortment of gourmet movie fare – featuring UltraStar’s famous specialty flavored popcorn and introducing an expanded menu including Panini sandwiches, roasted red pepper hummus and more! 

Promotional Offer #1:

Sign up for Ultra Star Cinemas Newsletter Club & you'll receive a coupon for a FREE hot dog on your next visit!
Promotional Offer #2:
One of the reasons we offer on-line ticketing is to provide you with the best possible service we can and to provide you with important information about upcoming movies. We would appreciate it if you would allow us to get to know you better and communicate with you occasionally via e-mail. We can only do this if you agree to register with us. Be assured that we take your privacy VERY seriously. If you want, you can read our privacy policy online.

When you register with us, you'll also save money! Our convenience charges are significantly lower for registered users! When you choose to register, you'll save money with every ticket you buy!

Registration is NOT required to buy tickets on-line. However, even if you choose not to register, you will still need to provide us with your e-mail address so we can send you your ticket.

Promotional Offer #3:
When you buy ADVANCED TICKETS UltraStar Online ticket holders always get to pass the box office line and go straight to the door for check in.

Besides avoiding the lines at the box office another advantages to purchasing your ticket Online is priority seating.

How it works

When you arrive to a theater early and a line has formed prior to the show be opened up for seating. Online ticket holders will be placed in a separate Priority Line that is allowed to seat before the general public.

The Fine Print.

Online Ticket holders must present their Online ticket to the door person upon arrival.

Not all shows require lines to be held. Priority Seating is only available when lines of 15 or more have formed.

Online ticket holders may still need to arrive early.

UltraStar Cinemas makes no claims as to the availability or quality seating.

UltraStar Cinemas reserves the right to alter this program at any time.


We recognize that the convenience charge for online tickets can make some guests think twice about online purchases.

That is why every online ticket order not only comes with Priority Seating but includes complementary promo size popcorn.

If our promotional popcorn is not large enough for your family, here is more great news.

Online guest will also receive the opportunity to purchase regular size popcorn drinks and snacks, in advance online. A $1.00 credit per purchased ticket (maximum of $4.00) will be made available to online guest to help offset the additional cost of the online convenience fee.


Visit their website HERE
1012 S Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 545-3457
Adult: $9.50
Matinee (daily, shows before 6 pm): $7.00
Student: $7.75
Child (3-12): $5.50
Senior (60+): $6.50
Timewarp Tuesday: $7.00
First show daily: $5.00

Visit their website HERE 
4550 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 16B
Phoenix, AZ  85032
Movie Line: 602-923-1213 / Live person: 602-923-1201
*Located by the food court & parking garage
Adult: $9.00
Matinee (daily, shows before 6 pm): $6.75
Shows before Noon: $5.00
Student: $6.00
Child (3-13): $5.00
Senior (60+): $6.00
Military: $6.00


You can see all 6 locations within 50 miles of Tempe HERE:

1. Dickinson Gateway 12, IMAX 1935 S. Signal Butte
Mesa, AZ 85210

Map of location HERE


Child (4-12): $6.25


Adult: $12.75 or $10.25 before 6pm


Student & Military (with I.D.): $10.25

Child (4-12): $8.75

Senior (60+): $9.25


Adult: $14.50 or $12.00 before 6pm


Student & Military (with I.D.): $12.00

Senior (60+): $12.00

2. Harkins Arizona Mills 25 & IMAX
(inside Arizona Mills Mall located just south of the US 60 & just west of Priest)
5000 Arizona Mills Circle
Tempe, AZ 85282

Map of location HERE

3. IMAX, Arizona Science Center
(now available without admission to the AZ Science Center)
600 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
602-716-2000 press #3, then #1

Map of location HERE

Adults: Members - $6.00 -- Non-Members - $8.00
Childresn 3-17: Members - $7.00 -- Non-Members - $5.00

4. AMC Desert Ridge 18 & IMAX
21001 N. Tatum
Phoenix, AZ 85050

5. AMC Deer Valley 30 & IMAX
3303 W. Agua Fria Freeway
Phoenix, AZ 86027
Map of location HERE

6. AMC Westgate 20 & IMAX
9400 W. Hanna Lane
Glendale, AZ 85305
Map of location HERE:

Fri. -  Sun. after Noon                       Mon. - Thurs. before 4pm
& Mon. - Thurs. after 4pm:            & Fri. - Sun. before Noon:    
Adult  $10.00                                Adult   $5.00                              
    $7.50                                Child   $5.00                                
                                    3D FILMS - ADD $3.00 PER TICKET
                                  IMAX FILMS - ADD $4.00 PER TICKET



Visit their website HERE
6555 E. Southern
Mesa, AZ  85206
Movie Line: (480) 832-4302 / Live person: (480) 641-1446

*Located on the lower level by BORDERS. 
Ticket Prices:  Adults, Seniors & Children $2.00 

DISCOUNT DAY:  $1.00 on Tuesday

3D Films ADD $3 per ticket
Concession Deal:  Buy a LARGE tub of popcorn get a FREE refill.

Visit their website HERE 
1825 E Elliot Rd
Tempe, AZ  85284
(480) 345-6461
Adults & Children $3.00 every day but Tuesday
$2 Tuesdays when tickets, small drink & small popcorn are $2.00 each

Concession Note: 
Souvenir Cups $3.50 - $1.00 refill every time you bring it back during that year.

CASH ONLY - ATM on site


Visit their web site HERE
Scottsdale 6 Drive-In
8101 E Mckellips Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ  85257
(480) 949-9451
Century Glendale 9 Drive-In
5650 N. 55th Ave.
Glendale,  AZ
(623) 939-9715
General Admission:                     TUESDAY FAMILY NIGHT:              
Adult           $6.50                             Adult           $4.50                                
5-11   $1.00                            5-11   $1.00
Under 5       FREE                            Under 5       FREE

*NOTE - These drive-in theaters have DOUBLE FEATURES.  Check their site for when the movies start & what they are paired with.  You cannot switch movies unless you pay again because they don't want to have traffic issues.



Adult: $15.00

Senior (60+): $12.00

Child (4-12): $11.00

*This theatre does not offer matinee, senior or military discounts.


Child (4-12): $11.00

Adult: $10.00 or $7.50 before 6pm

Student & Military (with I.D.): $7.50

Senior (60+): $6.75

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck.

Please leave me a comment so I know you stopped by 
& don't hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions too.


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