Friday, September 3, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery Coupon 2/$5

Facebook special:

Cold Stone Creamery is offering a coupon for 2 Like It size ice creams with 1 mix in for $5. 

If you're like me you might have a family member who is allergic to dairy so you'll be happy to know that every Cold Stone Creamery location I've been to in the valley has at least one flavor of sorbet (usually it is raspberry but sometimes they have watermelon which is my youngest child's favorite).  They also added rootbeer floats to their menu recently which my hubby is a big fan of.  

Most of the local movie theatres have a Cold Stone Creamery in the same shopping center so if you're headed to see a movie this weekend don't forget to print out this coupon in advance for an extra special treat!

This coupon will be removed from the site the day before Labor Day which is Sunday 9/5/2010 so you only have a few days to take advantage of this offer:
I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck. 

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