Friday, September 10, 2010

Rubio's E-mail Club, Twitter contests & more

Have you signed up for Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill e-mail club yet? 

"Join Rubio's Beach Club today with your e-mail address and treat yourself to exclusive offers, tasty specials and one-of-a kind contests and promotions via email. Remember, these unique programs are reserved for Rubio's Beach Club members only."

New Beach Club members will receive an e-mail coupon for a free taco.  Here's the link to sign up:

They also have a Twitter account where they do trivia questions and the first 5 people to answer correctly win a $25 gift card for Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill!  Here's a link to their Twitter page:

You can also find Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill on Facebook here:

Lastly, here's a link to the Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill bulletin:

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck.

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