Wednesday, October 13, 2010

McDonalds & Redbox GAME


Redbox and McDonald's® are teaming up to give away over 1 million DVD rentals to some very lucky winners!

Get started with this FREE CODE to enter on-line at PlayatMcD: CHANCEMONOP


Purchase food items at participating McDonald's® restaurants.

You could win a redbox prize instantly at or by peeling off a winning Game Stamp at McDonalds.

If you receive a winning message, follow the instructions on the Game Stamp or in the Online winning message to claim your Redbox prize.

This promotion only lasts through November 15th, so head to PlayatMcD or your local participating McDonald’s to start playing!!

To find a Redbox location near you please click HERE.

To find a Redbox movie please click HERE

If you don't win a prize here are some DVD rental codes that are still available for a free rental if you haven't used them yet. Limit one use per debit or credit card:
  • -358
  • -DATE124
  • -CLIMB5
  • -CHANCEMONOP valid only at McDonald's locations (first 1 million uses only).
  • -DVDKROG valid only at Kroger locations.
  • -DVDATWAG valid only at Walgreen’s locations.
  • -DRIVEIN valid only at Sonic locations.
If you'd like a tutorial on how to rent movies from DVD kiosks click HERE.

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