Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disney Store Finds at Arizona Mills Today

So, while I was shopping for a Halloween costume this morning at Goodwill my hubby called me & asked if I wanted to meet him in the food court at Arizona Mills for lunch. I don't make it into Tempe very often because my vehicle GUZZLES gas but he promised to buy me a fruit smoothie so I headed over to meet him. As we were eating I noticed a woman nearby me had a cute Disney trick or treat bag so when we were done we headed over there to pick up a few for our girls. Last year we used those cheap plastic ones & they ended up tearing by the end of the night so I did not want a repeat of that this year. The Disney store had these sturdy, reusable & cute trick or treat bags that can be used by both boys & girls marked down from $2.50 to only $0.99.

Then as we were checking out I noticed that there were 2 huge displays of Toy Story Jesse lunch boxes. The price tag said $12.50 but since the store was a Disney Outlet store I thought they were probably marked down so I asked how much they were. The cashier told me they were only $1.99!!! They are very cute & would make a great gift or back to school item for your favorite little girl Toy Story fan. I was actually going to get one of these at the Disney Store inside Fiesta Mall for my daughter just before school started but she ended up wanting a different style bag.

Here's a pic of the ones at the Disney Store inside Arizona Mills:

Toy Story Jesse lunch box was $12.50, NOW only $1.99 at the Disney Outlet inside Arizona Mills in Tempe

I'm sure there were other great deals in the store as well but since hubby was on his lunch break we didn't have time to shop around. This is my favorite store to get our Disney brand toys & clothes for ourselves & gifts because there are such great deals!

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck.

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