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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Thanks to Cents'Able Shoppin! in Mesa, AZ for this great blog post! Click this link to see her blog post with pictures, below I have just put the text!

Some ideas for baskets/containment devices:

For a movie basket, you can get a plastic popcorn tub from the Dollar Tree.

For housewarming, baby shower, going to college, etc. basket, you could use a small laundry basket.

Cooking basket, a nice mixing bowl, baking sheet/pan, or plastic container would work.

If you can't find anything, you could use a cardboard box. Just cut it down to where you just have an inch or so for the sides. Then wrap with paper to go with your theme.

Sometimes you can find a cute bag or tote to use to hold your items. This is always a hit with my female friends.

For the guys you can use an empty 6-pk bottle holder from beer (Corona), OR, a re-useable tote bag similar to this HERE.

You can even use a 2-liter soda bottle (without the soda of course) - click on link at top to see pic.

Look for baskets in the local thrift store!

Here are some basket ideas Just to get your creative juices flowing!

House Warming/Wedding picnic basket

You can always pick up cute picnic baskets in the fall for really cheap at the craft stores which is when I always stock up. You can include paper plates, plastic cups, utensils, a deck of cards, table cloth, napkins, cheese, crackers, popcorn, nuts, chocolate, fruit, flowers, wine and/or travel size adult drink (beer or wine..). This usually only costs around $10 and most of it is can be from fillers or your stockpile.

Anniversary Party

You can put in pasta sauce, spaghetti, candles, a bottle of wine, and a wine tool set. The spaghetti, pasta sauce and candles can come from your stockpile. The wine tool set you can get from Kohl's - use a $5 off $5 and 15% off, and pay around $2. So really the only expense will be the wine.

Girly Girl basket

Nailpolish, tweezers, emery boards and toe separators fom the dollar store for pedicures. And then all kinds of clearanced makeup - eyeshadows, eye pencils, lipsticks and glosses, bronzer. Buy the items when it's buy one get one free from Revlon, Loreal, Rimmel, whatever and match the sales with coupons watch for the orange clearance tags at CVS. Put it all in a hobo bag from Target that is clearanced ....or free with a Target coupon.

Teenage Boys

You can toss in Nivia for Men body wash, a razor, shaving cream, axe body sprays and chapstick. You can also toss in some cheap chocolate (Toblerone is what I got), and some Tag body spray (they love that stuff......) I made these using a 2-liter Coke bottle (see here for instructions).

For the Mailman or Newspaper Delivery Person

Put together treats like assorted snack bars, candy and SOBE water that's always on sale. Stuff they can munch on as they deliver mail.

"Girls Night In" basket

Include PJ's, and a bunch of frees like nail polish, Nivea lip care, Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Wash, lotion, and toss in a bunch of trial size freebies you scored at Target. Young girls always love getting goodies like these :)

"Survive the Break" - for teachers!

I gave my DD's 4 teachers a survive the break kit.... Nivea Lip Care or Chapstick, Chex Mix, Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, Sprinkles, Cookie Cutters (Dollar Spot at Target), Batteries, Razors, Nail Polish (For the girls), Hershey's Kisses, and the list could go on!

For the Babysitters

Make a basket out of a 4 pack of Starbucks Frappucino drinks (the cardboard) - leave 2 bottles in but take two bottles OUT, and fill the empty space with peanuts, crackers, nailpolish, lip care, etc.

Movie ♥'ers

Fill a 2-liter pop bottles (see my post HERE) with microwave popcorn, popcorn seasoning, and a box of movie candy. Adults and kids alike will not be able to figure out how to get it open...........ha ha ha :)

Baker's Delight

A few baking mixes, brownies, cookie mix, cake mix and frosting....tollhouse morsels, recipe cards (can be made and printed at home on fun paper), a cute pot holder (could even be crafted by the kids if being given to grandparents!... think CHEAP potholder with a kid's hand print!!!) A clearanced spatula or baking accessory. (Easily found at the Dollar Tree!), cute cupcake papers (with polka dots etc..)

Coffee Lover's Delight

Various small gourmet coffees.. I try to get the trial or smallest sizes. Then get various flavors of creamer, perhaps a few exotic teas, some hot chocolate mixes (clearance after the holidays at Target!), biscotti & a few cheap mugs from the dollar store... Then, hand dip some plastic spoons in chocolate (just the spoon not the handle!) - cover the spoon part with plastic and a tie/ribbon and attach a poem or little card :)

Family Movie Night

Go to your local Dollar Tree and you may be able to find a popcorn bucket (plastic) for a buck or two. Fill it with tissue paper, and then include a few movie candies, planters trail mix, 3-5 microwave popcorns, and 1 inexpensive DVD movie to enjoy. Cover it in plastic and tie it with a nice note explaining the concept: Movie Night!

Pampered Princess Pedicure Kit

Stuff a basket with the things that little girsl love the most! Pamper them like a princess! Get a basket at your local thrift store, and fill it with:

3-5 shades of nail polish

Toe Separators

Nail polish remover

Foot Soak - Jasmine and Lavendar Milk Scrub

Good smelling lotion

Emery boards

Nail clippers

Colored Cotton Balls

Cheap flip flops

Tiny Jewels (made to stick on cell phones)

For the "MAN" of the house

Free BBQ Sauce, A-1 steak sauce,Weber marinades and rubs I've received into a plastic cube crate and add the Multipurpose bic lighters and charcoal to it. You can also keep your eyes peeled for inexpensive BBQ Books. Include charcoal, or wood chips for the grill. You can also use a $5 off $5 for Kohls to get some inexpensive BBQ grillin' tools. Go a step further and include a few beers!!

Newborn Baby Basket

Find an expensive basket at the local thrift store and fill it with baby necessities to include:

A few Johnson's lotions, powder, washes etc (easily found for cheap at Target)

Cute washcloth set

Small Toys

Pacifier and pacifier clips- you can even order these personalized for the baby who has everything!

Burp Cloth

Set of onesies or hats..

Wipes / Diaper Samples

For the Teacher

A book for the classroom (or even some vintage books might interest them!)

Clorox wipes / spray

Plug in room air freshener (Sense and Spray or Lasting Impressions)

Refills (they WILL need more! LOL)

Some pens / small school supplies / stickers (as mid way through the year she may be needing more!)

Gum / Mints / Candy

Family Basket

Take a cheap laundry basket, line the bottom with a new, cheap towel and fill the basket with some laundry detergent, fabric softener, razors, soap, shampoo, shaving lotion, body lotion, and a few candles, maybe even some toilet paper!

For your local Law Enforcement (yes....they do work hard!)

A basket of Hand Sanitizer, shout travel wipes for cleaning up their uniform on the go, baby wipes, non-melting candy trail mix, gum ....and Febreeze Fabric Refresher! You can also include Sunglasses, travel first aid kit, good pens, car fresheners, all-in-one knife tool, hand warmers (if they live in a cold area), lint rollers, chapstick, batteries, and windex wipes to wipe their buttons or shoes. The list could go on!!!

For the Man Who Loves to Wash his Car

Does your guy really love to keep his car all clean and shiny? If he does, fill a plastic pail with sponges, cloths, car polish, a couple of cans of beer, and an issue of his favorite car magazine. Great homemade gift ideas for boyfriend or hubby! Woot!

Some ideas to make your basket look very beautiful:

Use tissue paper (2 colors) accordion pleated together, laid across the bottom of the basket and up the sides so it sticks out over the edges. Then place the items on top of the tissue and fan it out.

You can get plastic wrap to go around the basket at your local Dollar Tree...for $1. You can wrap it around the baskets and tie at the top with a bow to make it look like it was professionally wrapped.

Go to the top of this post for the link to the original post to see some great examples!

I hope you enjoy finding out about all the different ways you can stretch your paycheck.

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